Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crime for all Seasons

So as I was skimming through my favourite website (no, no not Wikipedia, but YouTube). I came across Dev's "Booty Bounce". Now, you must be thinking to yourself  "My Amie have you ever lowered your music standards." and yes you are right. Butt, I mean but, there is a tiny nugget of greatness in this video.

What's going on in my head as I watch the video - "I love Dev's style. I wish I could wear what she's wearing. Wait a second this entire video is about her clothing. Hmm this would be an awesome way to advertise for a clothing company. OH my god I'm genius this is such a good idea. I'm going to be rich!"

But as I labored through this some what repetitive (yet catchy song) I made it to the end. And of course it said wardrobe By Hellz.

So I guess I'm not the genius who thought of it after all but it's still awesome in my opinion. This video has so much going for them a) they're able to advertise their company through a recognizable source b) they're sneaking their brand in without shoving it in people's faces c) they're using a medium that is accessible to a large demographic.

So clothing companies take note. Find an up-and-coming quasi famous singer or artist with rad style and make a sorta video with them wearing your clothes. Genius.

Check out Hellz  Here

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Magazine Madness

So as I stumble aimlessly through my Twitter life I have come across some pretty rad magazines. One of which is basically a rendition of the topic I'm using to make a magazine. Only this one is real.

It's an all girl's action sport magazine. I like it so far I just wish they would update their website and facebook page a little more. 
So winter it's skiing and snowboarding. Summer it's basically everything else. So it's universal they have a health, beauty and travel section.

The second magazine is called Foam.

This is the california-y type mag that still has an alternative vibe. They still feature the same kinds of sports as Cooler but have a stronger music and culture thing going for them. I'm going back to Cali Cali.

So both equally cool just kinda expensive. Thus bringing me to the issue of is online better than print. Well.... I think both are good. Why? Because on these darn websites I want to read more and watch something. They never give you all that you want, they want to make you purchase a subscription, which is smart. There is some stuff I can't get off the website that I can get in a magazine ... but.... What I think is a genius idea is to have a subscription online where people can read digitally. And they can also have a feature to watch different clips combining both read and watch. Blamo. Make a nice ebook version online with some sweet ass links and there you have it (clearly I'm not an IT person, these things should just magically happen). 

Friday, February 4, 2011

What goes up must come down: 2011 winter x games

So I wasn't able to catch the X Games this year, which breaks my heart a little. But I've sorted through some highlights for your viewing pleasure. Sorry they'll be a little bit biased cause I wanna see what the ladies are up to....

I do enjoy how they call a section of the slopestyle park the "financial district", cause that's where you'll make your money on the run.

A clean 1080 from Kelly Clark