Saturday, January 29, 2011

Energy DRANK: behind the brand

So I've noticed this correlation with energy drinks and extreme sports..... Now lets boil it down. Who is the primary participants of action sports: young boys (14 to 25) and what would they be most likely to drink (other than beer?) Hmm it's not water that's for sure.

These drinks are primary sponsors of competitions, movies, athletes and more. Why? It isn't like their products are directly related with it. For example they aren't a clothing line that centers their focus around making clothing for these sports. Anyone can drink energy drinks. In fact I would argue it would be busy adult age business people addicted to caffeine in order to work their 12 hour days that would need energy drinks. Or students locked up in dorm rooms hammering away at their computers like wolverines til 4 in the morning.

So is it that energy drinks just want to look tough? Using names like "Monster" "Rock Star" and now "Burn" certainly show that they're trying to market to a younger audience branding it so that it's bad ass to drink an energy drink. I don't drink energy drinks myself they make my heart race and I'm fearful I'll go into cardiac arrest, but I would work for these companies. Why? Because they are fun! They are branding themselves by getting "involved" with their target market.

Which brings me back full circle, why is their target market young males? Because I think that it's easy to brand it that way. If you make it look tough and make that connection through involvement in that target market's life (skateboarding, motocross etc.) they will pick up that energy drink and drink.

It's definitely not random that they targeted that market. There was a hole before energy drinks came a long. What would young guys drink everyday? Soft drinks. Soft drinks are now becoming unhealthy, so what can replace it and be look 100% more cooler to drink, make me bounce off the walls and help make the coolest videos ever? Energy drinks.

This amazing short video is sponsored by Coca-cola's Burn energy drink

I've watched this entire movie. Sponsored by Monster Energy drink.

Now check out their websites:
Burn Energy Drink 

Monster Energy Drink

Rock Star Energy Drink

The Battle of Los Angeles

I'm very, very excited about this new movies. The special effects look fantastic and the plot looks interesting. At first I thought it was like a different rendition of War of the Worlds, but I think it might be more than just that.

I looked a little deeper into it (and when I say "deeper" I mean I searched in on Wikipedia) and I found out that it's loosely based on an old potential UFO sighting in 1942.

So as the story goes, after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor during the second world war there was an attack scare over Los Angeles one night. Sirens went off and people were told to power down their homes. It was later reported from the Navy in 1983 that it was just "war nerves" and it was just a weather balloon. But, UFOlogists (yes apparently there is such a thing) suggest otherwise. Bum ba baaaa! And there you have the premise to a new blockbuster movie. It really was aliens over Los Angeles and they were just waiting for the perfect time to attack! And that my friends is the Battle of Los Angeles:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vans Girls Blog

Since no one reads my blog I decided I would blog about successful awesome blogs that I follow

Like this one:

Click Here Vans Girls

This blog is fantastic and a great way to promote their brand. They have free giveaways (and yes even I in Canada won one).

They also have a do it yourself portion which is pretty groovy.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Amie of the North no longer

I have some tragic news. My beloved Eski is dead. Well, not completely but she is pretty destroyed.

Eski and I met in 2006 when I was going through a thrift store phase. I came across her in the coat section. I was skeptical at first but I thought "Hey for $30 I can't go wrong." Everyone loved Eski (well mostly everyone). I didn't care if she looked weird or if people thought I looked weird in her I would just say out loud (not really) "Beauty is function" and keep shuffling along (because that's how I walk when I wear Eski). She had two furry balls and had embroidered images of the Arctic sun on the sleeves and someone killing a baby seal on the back. It is and was the only coat that almost goes down to my ankles (which isn't hard I know but still). She helped me walk to University of Manitoba (half an hour there and half an hour back each day). She was so warm. She had the best pockets, perfect for my iPod, but best of all she had a great hood. Until you wear a coat with real fur trim (PETA don't be angry) you'll never know how warm your face stays. It completely blocks the wind. Even this past week (5 years later) I was thinking "Wow this coat is still amazing. Blocks all the wind and I don't have to wear a hat and get hat hair." -50 weather is no match for Eski.

My good friend Pam rocking Eski out in my grade 12 math class. Look at that great fur. I mean Eski not Pam.

After I had her for two years she was attacked by my boyfriend's cat. She lost one of her furry balls but she took it like a champ. She still looked good and it was a funny story to tell people. You think I would've learnt my lesson but a year later a new puppy was brought into my boyfriend's house and that puppy was/is named Marley (or Moses). She and her puppy ways finally got her hands (I mean paws) on Eski's fine fur and took a big chomp out of the hood. However, after surviving one animal attack Eski stood strong and held it together (literally). Now fast forward a year and this puppy is fat (sorry I'm still mad at her) I mean chubby. I learnt my lesson and made sure that I would a) always hang Eski up when I went over to my bf's place or b) more recently I've just been throwing Eski on the ground in his spare room and closing the door (because I'm lazy). But this time I didn't close the door all the way. On my departure I walked in the spare room and lying in a pile of her own ravaged fur was Eski. I knelt to my knees and grabbed the fur and cried "NOOOOOOOOO" (yes I actually did that).
Now I am unsure if I should wear her still or if Eski's time is up. After 3 animal attacks I'm not sure I can still wear her. What do you think?
I don't know if I can still wear her in public.

Marley looking cute, but don't let her fool you. There is a demon Eski killer inside...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Break the Cycle

I am completely in love with this (relatively) new Kotex ad campaign. That's right I wrote Kotex even though it made me feel horribly uncomfortable, which makes this campaign even better.

and last but not least my favourite

The Kotex break the cycle campaign is genius and I really hope they keep going with this and expand and make it bigger and better. It can be even more famous than the Tampax mother nature campaign. So get on it Kotex and make people more comfortable with ppp...ppe..err  I still can't say it.


Hello apocalyptic friends,

I looked back to when my last post was and it saddened my heart a little, but I assure you that I was still running into situations where I thought it was the end of the world. And just a little tip it's not the end of the world if you don't stick to your new years resolutions. Speaking of new years I came across this news story while I was on vacation from my duties as blogger.

Check it out.

Some of my friends suggested a few theories. One of which included that it could be because of 2012.... So I knew a little about the idea of how the world might end in two years ... oh crap now one year (sorry), so I did what most intelligent students do and I looked it up on youtube.

If you have time to waste look at this video, I found this first part to what looks like a documentary, which by the way is not edited well at all (thank you Final Cut Pro class),  on how the world will end in December 2012 according to Mayan Civilization. Apparently the poles will shift and everything will be destructed by nature. Now I'd hate for this to be true because a) No John Cusack movie should ever become reality and b) I'll just be finally finished my post secondary education. This depressed me slightly, until I remembered at least I will have the summer free of school and up until Christmas to celebrate my freedom.

So a couple days ago I was crying about birds falling from the sky and how I will never be able to see what my life will be like when I'm done school ( I know I can be dramatic sometimes) but, now I'm thinking you know what even if it is the end of the world it's not really the "end of the world" if you know what I mean. You might not but that's okay I've stopped worrying about the dying birds, at least for now.