Saturday, January 29, 2011

Energy DRANK: behind the brand

So I've noticed this correlation with energy drinks and extreme sports..... Now lets boil it down. Who is the primary participants of action sports: young boys (14 to 25) and what would they be most likely to drink (other than beer?) Hmm it's not water that's for sure.

These drinks are primary sponsors of competitions, movies, athletes and more. Why? It isn't like their products are directly related with it. For example they aren't a clothing line that centers their focus around making clothing for these sports. Anyone can drink energy drinks. In fact I would argue it would be busy adult age business people addicted to caffeine in order to work their 12 hour days that would need energy drinks. Or students locked up in dorm rooms hammering away at their computers like wolverines til 4 in the morning.

So is it that energy drinks just want to look tough? Using names like "Monster" "Rock Star" and now "Burn" certainly show that they're trying to market to a younger audience branding it so that it's bad ass to drink an energy drink. I don't drink energy drinks myself they make my heart race and I'm fearful I'll go into cardiac arrest, but I would work for these companies. Why? Because they are fun! They are branding themselves by getting "involved" with their target market.

Which brings me back full circle, why is their target market young males? Because I think that it's easy to brand it that way. If you make it look tough and make that connection through involvement in that target market's life (skateboarding, motocross etc.) they will pick up that energy drink and drink.

It's definitely not random that they targeted that market. There was a hole before energy drinks came a long. What would young guys drink everyday? Soft drinks. Soft drinks are now becoming unhealthy, so what can replace it and be look 100% more cooler to drink, make me bounce off the walls and help make the coolest videos ever? Energy drinks.

This amazing short video is sponsored by Coca-cola's Burn energy drink

I've watched this entire movie. Sponsored by Monster Energy drink.

Now check out their websites:
Burn Energy Drink 

Monster Energy Drink

Rock Star Energy Drink

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