Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Battle of Los Angeles

I'm very, very excited about this new movies. The special effects look fantastic and the plot looks interesting. At first I thought it was like a different rendition of War of the Worlds, but I think it might be more than just that.

I looked a little deeper into it (and when I say "deeper" I mean I searched in on Wikipedia) and I found out that it's loosely based on an old potential UFO sighting in 1942.

So as the story goes, after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor during the second world war there was an attack scare over Los Angeles one night. Sirens went off and people were told to power down their homes. It was later reported from the Navy in 1983 that it was just "war nerves" and it was just a weather balloon. But, UFOlogists (yes apparently there is such a thing) suggest otherwise. Bum ba baaaa! And there you have the premise to a new blockbuster movie. It really was aliens over Los Angeles and they were just waiting for the perfect time to attack! And that my friends is the Battle of Los Angeles:

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