Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wake Up Winnipeg - Getting stoked on the new cable park

This spring Winnipeg will become a lot more adventurous thanks to developer Jason Rohs and his wife Michelle. Adrenaline Adventures, a wakeboard cable park, is set to open and be ready for business on June 1, 2011. 

“I’m a proud Winnipegger who was sick and tired of people crapping on our city,” said Rohs. “We just needed something new and exciting. This is on the cutting edge in Europe,” explained Rohs on his decision to build the cable park. 

A wakeboard cable park pulls a wakeboarder around using a pulley system and cables powered by a motor instead of a boat. “If you’re 16 years old you don’t have to worry about borrowing your dad’s $60,000 boat down the river and hitting a tree stump,” said Rohs.

The $5 million dollar park is located on the west Perimeter between Wilkes Avenue and Roblin Boulevard in the Rural Municipality of Headingley. 

The digging of two lakes is underway. One lake will be a three acre training lake for beginners to learn how to wakeboard and get used to the cable system. The second lake will be much larger, 10 acres, for more advanced riders. 

The cable system works by various towers stationed around the lake with cables running in a counter clockwise motion with ski ropes attached to these cables. The park will feature six different jumps and boxes that were designed especially for the lakes.

“I want people coming from around the world. I want this to be the best facility in the world, that is my goal,” said Rohs, “The WWA [World Wakeboarding Association] is pretty stoked. I just signed a contract with them for the Monster Energy Triple Crown this summer. And also it will be one of the lakes for the World Series of Wakeboarding on the same weekend.” 

“Nothing is standing in my way right now except weather,” said Rohs who flew the entire cable system to Winnipeg from Germany. Rohs isn’t worried about how well the park will do, because not only is his park for wakeboarders, but there will a beach, a waterpark, campground, beach volleyball, and a 55 foot rope climbing course, not to mention the park has a snow tubing hill that was already open for business this past winter. 

“We have such a diversified project, there are so many different moving parts,” said Rohs who said he wanted the park to appeal to a wide range of Winnipeggers, “We’ve had such an overwhelming response already.”

“I’ve never wakeboarded in my life,” laughed Rohs, “But who knows maybe I’ll like it.”

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