Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Even Skater BOIS get all Interactive.

Hello Dear Friends,

Most of you know I cannot skateboard, sigh. I can longboard, I can wakeboard and I can snowboard, but when it comes to skateboarding I look longingly at my deck because in my heart I know I still cannot even ollie. But I found something in common with professional skateboarders, we both enjoy finding new ways to get in contact with the world moo hahaha. BEHOLD:


This one clip from TEXT YOSELF BEEFO YO WRECK YOSELF one of the many different interactive videos they run once a week. In this clip people text the Berrics and request the different skaters there to do the tricks, almost like a radio show. So people all around the world have a chance to interact with the Berrics. This is huge because now people can not only watch the videos but also interact with them taking the infamous skateboarding video and taking it to a whole new level.

They also feature different continuous videos like First Try Fridays where a pro skateboarder has to land a trick on the first try. There is a slew of constant videos so that followers are always fed with a variety. Berrics takes the classic skateboard video mashes it with a blog and makes it into an incredible website like no other. BOOM Berrics. 

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