Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halo Reach-ing New Frontiers

Watch Video Here

Okay, so this post has kind of a similar theme to my last. Halo has a lead female character and wait her boobs aren't showing!!!! YAY! I really, really, really, like everything about this video. I don't play video games but I'm fascinated with them. Halo has such a huge following that when it came out a couple days ago people were lined up outside for the midnight release at least 200 people long. To someone who doesn't follow this sort of thing closely it blows my mind that it has this sort of turn out. But what interests me the most is that this trailer shows a female running in all the armor trying to bring a bomb to some space ship. I was explained the story line but it sort of confused me. I know it takes place in the future and I know that this latest installment is a prequel and I also know that humans are trying to defeat aliens that are taking over the world (I think, you can correct me if I'm wrong). 
Now, I also enjoy that they used humans while filming this trailer. It looks so real! Anyway, just thought I'd throw a shout out to Halo Reach (again something I normally wouldn't be that interested in) for having a lead female role AND having such a sweet trailer. Keeping with the true Halo spirit and remember, It's not the end of the world. 

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