Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Monster Mash

Now to kick off my first "real" post I thought some zombie survival tips would be a great start. From George A. Romero's first films to a now more recent infectious disease twist, it's important to acquire some zombie fighting strategies no matter what type you're up against. Now if you're anything like me (which you probably aren't because let's face it I'm a little strange) you may have thought to yourself "Hey, if I were stuck in a zombie apocalypse what would I do?"
So after some research, including having seen plenty of zombie films, I have compiled a list of things to do to prepare for a zombie apocalypse. 

1) Know your enemy

Dressing up as a zombie will allow you to try and get into the mind of a zombie (or lack of one), to really get to know their mannerisms and objectives (just try not to eat any brains). Dressing up as a zombie will also allow you to practice if you ever need to disguise yourself as a zombie (a la Bill Murray in the movie Zombieland). I find this technique a great idea because you can stroll around and never be attacked, which is a great defense mechanism.

Halloween is a great time to practice this defense mechanism (no one will suspect you're practicing at all!)

2. Stay in Shape

It is important to stay in shape because if the dawn of the dead actually does arrive one morning you willl be doing A LOT of running. So, as I also like to say it's better to be safe then sorry or in other words zombie meat. Some great ways to stay in shape would to take the bus in Winnipeg. Often you are doing more walking then riding, and running after the bus is also an often occurence (it also helps if you're a student because your backpack will be extra heavy).

Another really great way to stay in shape would be taking up dancing! I felt this video would inspire some cool undead moves:

Watch here

3. Keep a look out

Always be alert no matter what, and always remember it's not the end of the world.

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  1. taking the bus in Winnipeg is worse than a zombie apocalypse
    also, Bill Murray was awesome in Zombieland