Sunday, October 10, 2010

Decentralized Dancing

Hey y'all,

So I had a life changing experience. I went to a decentralized dance party Monday night and it was mind blowing.
Here is some background info on what the decentralized dance party is and how it originated.
Tom and Gary are two guys who decided they didn't want to worry about paying cover charges at bars, dancing to lame bar music and dealing with curfews. So put off by the lameness of the conventional night life experience they decided to start a revolution.
It started small at first for example in pizza parlors, playgrounds, subway cars and buses. But they brought the party to the people and thus the Decentralized Dance Party (DDP) was birthed. They had death metal face offs and all night 90s jams and much much more.
Now you may be wondering how on Earth can Tom and Gary bring the party to the people anywhere, anytime or any place. Well, you may be familiar with the radio transmitter for your Ipod that connects with a radio frequency and you can play in your car. They took this idea and made it sooooo much cooler. Taking old school boom boxes you'd find at garage sales they tuned the radio station to their own frequency and played their music from their Ipod. Now take 20 people and 10 radios all playing the same song and you have an audio paaaartay! Genius.
Tom and Gary didn't just stop at having these dance parties around their home but decided to take it across the country. Stopping in different cities not announcing their location to the day of. No advertisement just Facebook messages and word of mouth.
Now take those 20 people and turn them into 2000 with 500 radios and you have a MAJOR DANCE PAAARTAY!

500 radios tuned to the same frequency playing fun songs by Meatloaf, Beastie Boys and anything in between. You don't know what to expect but you just dance. No lame top 40, just all fun nostalgia.

Oh, I forgot to mention the reason why it is called decentralized is because it moves. All radios are battery operated and can move! So you move them from location to location.

Here in Winnipeg more then 1000 people went to the Forks Monday night to dance with Tom and Gary. They lent out a whole bunch of radios to people and there must have been at least 200 radios. The tunes were jammin and the party moved around the Forks to the Provencher bridge and the skatepark.
Although, Saskatoon doubled Winnipeg's dance party by 2000 people, I still think it was a success. Tom and Gary gave out banana suits and mini trampolines as well and used the Olympics as a theme. It was a ridiculous good time!


  1. You DID post this! I was trying to find it so I could post it on my Blog page for people could check it out!! Doing that now!

  2. Also that sounds SO rad!