Thursday, October 28, 2010

Leggy Lady

Now this is a sensitive topic: Leggings. Leggings, I think, are the herpes of the fashion world. The trend spread like wildfire and it can be seen on people all over the world.

Now don't get me wrong I LOVE leggings, I wear them almost everyday and they are so so so comfortable. They are versatile and I don't have to worry about them falling down.

However, I do have a beef with them. Whenever I wear them I feel like a bit of a slob. They are weird if you where them in the place of pants but also weird if you where them in the place of tights or nylons. They are this strange hybrid garment stuck in limbo.

But my god are they comfortable.

So my friends this will be the first post on It's Not the End of the World where I ask you if it is or is not the end of the world.

In this case is it the end of the world that leggings are so comfortable but are that in between pseudo clothing?

Tell me!


  1. I remember when leggings were for warmth...more of an undergarment than a standalone garment. I used to wear them underneath my ringette/hockey pads, as did all the rest of my teammates. I find is sort of strange that people wear them in lieu of pants now; they're unflattering on the majority of body types and are often stretched to the point of transparency on the body. I would prefer people revert to the 90s when leggings were only brought out in the coldest of weather for the purpose of fighting the war again frostbite.

  2. How do you feel about jeggings? My new, favorite word!