Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Cult Classic

So a couple of days ago was Halloween and to celebrate I got together with my family. My uncle, aunt, mom and dad bonded over the Rocky Horror Picture Show after we watched Glee's edition.

(Glee's rendition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Hats off the the writer's of the show who still seem to touch on the fringe of controversial but never quite go over that line)

My uncle, aunt and parents said that it was a cult movie and that people would dress up in costumes of the characters and go watch it with their friends in the theaters standing and singing along. I was instantly jealous. I couldn't think of a time in my life time where all my friends and I went and saw a movie twice never mind multiple times and in costumes. I tried to think of why this might be. I came to a couple of conclusions.

(The original Rocky Horror Picture Show which I find strange but I think that's the weird genius of it. Still seems strange and different even more than almost three decades later)

I thought a) perhaps I live in a generation of "new" mongers, where everything has to be new all the time so that it is entertaining. Not only new but exciting and interactive. Yes Rocky Horror Picture Show was very very different (and still is) but people who went and saw the show made it interactive. So maybe our generation gets bored but I think we're also desensitized by film. I can say I've sat through many many strange, gruesome or both movies in my life time. b) I also think that our generation is constantly trying to find the new cool and weird thing that will spread with wild popularity. When you walk into a high school kids are becoming more and more diversified and groups and cliques are becoming smaller and smaller. I think I'm on a bit of a tangent right now that isn't making complete sense so I'll bring it back. I want to be able to go into a movie theatre and enjoy a cult classic the same way my parents did as teenagers and young adults. I want to be able to sing and dress up during a movie and I don't think I'm the only one. There is now this new movement of flash mobs that dance in the streets.

I was invited to two events this year that took place in the streets in public where I had to dress up (when it wasn't Halloween), one was the decentralized dance party and the other was the zombie walk, which I did not participate in (I know prime blogging material right thur). But anyway I'm crossing my fingers that maybe the cult movie (along with the drive in theatre) will make its comeback here in Winnipeg. And all it would take would be some people to get together and sing along with on screen transvestites and it would make my day, and that my friends is not the end of the world.

(The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was also a cult classic. My dad would go to the theatre with his friends. When someone in the movie would go to the door where good old Leather Face would be standing behind my dad and his friends would stand up and yell "Don't go through the door!" and the character would walk through the door and get an axe in the head)

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