Monday, November 22, 2010

Walkin the Line


Zombie time again (never seems to get old). I watched The Walking Dead for the first time on AMC Friday night.

Here is the synopsis of the show I watched: This guy is handcuffed to a metal pole on the roof and zombies are about to attack him. Scene ends and it goes to this cop who is reunited at a camp full of humans that are up a mountain so zombies can't get them. They decide to go back to town and get the guy they handcuffed to the roof because they feel bad even though the guy they handcuffed is a big jerk (apparently).

Okay I'm done plot summarizing and I'll go into some detail about my thoughts because the entire show I was wondering "Hmmm would I do that in a zombie apocalypse?" because I ask myself that question every day anyway.

The episode was good. I didn't see as much zombie scenes as I would've hoped but I saw a preview for the episode after the one I had seen where they go back to the city to try and rescue the jerk guy. It looked like there will be some sweet zombie death scenes. But despite the lack of zombies they made great connections with characters which is essential in a zombie movie (and even more so in a show) because you want the audience to get involved and hope that the characters aren't eaten for dinner. They made the episode I watched more suspenseful than gory which I'm thinking was a set up for a more gruesome next episode.  I think that's smart, though if they didn't have a "stay tuned" feature at the end I don't think it would've been.

Okay if I was in a zombie apocalypse I WOULD NOT set up my camp up a mountain near a large city. That is stupid. I would go as far away from any large city because large city equals a lot of zombies. Maybe a smaller city like Brandon. You can go into the city and probably kill most of the zombies in a few trips and take as much food as you need from the grocery stores. Will Smith is a moron for staying in NYC during a zombie apocalypse, that's just asking for death. Anywho I already know where I'm heading if zombies decided to take over the world so I'm not worried.

But all in all it looks sweet. The trailer is awesome and made me want to watch the show from the beginning. Like a darker Dawn of the Dead meets 28 Days later. I know, I know I'm basing this off one episode (a moderately boring episode) but my argument is that with the nature of a tv show you have to keep audiences interested for longer periods of time. So moral of the story is don't make dumb episodes.

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