Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Ops

I have this weird love hate relationship with Call of Duty. I can't play the darn game for the life of me, and I think that violence to that extent in video games isn't very good for society. But despite my views it's still an interesting game, with a captivating storyline (for the most part) and incredible graphics. So, I can see the reasons why people would want to play. Call of Duty also has an incredible marketing campaign. I thought the TV commerical for Halo reach was awesome (and I still do) but this commercial is equally as good if not better.

It just makes me laugh. Especially the chef at the end.

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  1. One time when I was in Regina, I was made to play video games with my cousin and I fell asleep while playing! This is how bored I was. (almost as bad as falling asleep while doing somehing else - wink, wink)